As to the vocabulary did english obtain the word soya

As to the vocabulary did english obtain the word soya

I’m able to credit your for it needless to say!

This is the new Huttese Transcript web page. Here are the very comprehensive get together out-of Huttese Home Page toward the fresh new Holonet. For those who have Huttese or another Star Conflicts language of good resource that’s not given just below, delight let me know or send it in my opinion. I tried to keep the brand new dialogue in chronological purchase because appears in the saga. (n/a) means the basic translation isn’t readily available. New topic additional since the newest modify might possibly be emphasized inside the yellow for your benefit.


Event I Movie: Another Huttese until if not listed is actually phonetically transcribed from the myself throughout the real flick form of Superstar Conflicts, Episode We: This new Phantom Menace. The latest talk spoken from the flick are slightly altered of that in the screenplay and other present. I attempted to store the newest discussion into the chronological purchase because looks on motion picture. Just like the conversation is created down by ear canal, spelling mistakes and omissions could happen.

Watto: „Boota weil nolia.” (n/a) „Hey chuba da naga?” (What do you need?) „Peedunkee! (Guy!) „Cabo de unko!” (Get in right here!)”Coona tee-tocky malia?” (What grabbed your a long time?) Anakin: „Mee/Mel tassa cho-passa. ” (I happened to be washing the partner changes. ) Watto: „Chut! Chut! Gando doe wallya. Me dwana no bata.” (View a shop. I have some attempting to sell to do.) „Outmians.” (Outlanders.) „Tinka me chasa hopoe ma booty na nolia.” (They think we know little.) Anakin: „La lova num botaffa.” (They featured nice if you ask me.) Watto: „Fweepa niaga. Tolpa weil bunky dunko.” (Clean the newest shelving, then you can go homeward.)

Vendor: „Eh Eh. U wamma wonka?” (Could you be going to pay money for that?) „Toe hawa wupe upee.” (It can cost you eight wupiupi.) Sebulba: „Chuba! Ni chuba ni?” (Your! So is this yours?) „Kulka du pom pom. mmmm?.” (n/a) Anakin: „Chess ko Sebulba.” (Cautious Sebulba.) „Cha porkman outman geesa.” (He could be a giant day outlander.) „Mee teesa rodda co pana urinate choppa chawa. (I’d hate observe you get diced in advance of i battle once more.) „Coo wolpa tooney rana.” (This your well linked.) Sebulba: „Neek myself chawa, wermo, mo killee ma ka nunkee. ” (Next time we competition kid, it is the prevent people.) „Otoh noto wo fuck du wompity.” (For folks who just weren’t a slave I’d squash you at this time.) Anakin: „Eh, che bana manage mullee ra.” (Yeah, it’d become a shame should you have to pay for me personally.)

Sebulba: „Una cheechee toowa.” (n/a) Watto: „Bonapa keesa. Tolpa da bunky na booty cha naga o like to meete chobodda.” (Greatest prevent your buddy’s playing or I will finish managing your, too.)

Fode/Beed: ” ” (Greetings!) „Tung me cha weil Boonta du Baunta magia.” (n/a) „Toong mee cha kulkah du Boonta magi. ” (You will find finest environment today into the Boonta Antique. ) „Tum tah zoozal Podraces.” (n/a) „Tah oos azaluz ooval Poddraces.” (More hazardous of all of the podraces.) „Los angeles yama beestoo!” (Sure, here he’s!) „Eena stokda the newest Ord Pedrovia du Boonta weil watta, Teemto Pangalies.” (n/a) „Weil granee champio du Pixelito, Sebulba!” (The fresh huge champion out of Pixelito, Sebulba!) Sebulba: „Funan gyy. ” (n/a) Fode/Bede: „O grandio lust Jabba du Hutt amu intoe tah parena.” (His prize, our glorious servers, Jabba brand new Hutt, possess entered the fresh new arena.) Sebulba: „Bazda wahota shag. Dobellia nok.” (You simply will not leave using this you to definitely, servant scum.) „Yoka so you can bantha poodoo.” (You may be bantha poodoo.) Anakin: „Cho skrunee dopat, sleemo.” (Never trust they, slime ball.) Sebulba: „Yo can ta bantha poodoo.” (You’re bantha poodoo.) Fode/Bede: „O granio lust com with the tah pareena. Jabba du Hutt.” (Our very own huge host comes into brand new arena, Jabba the new Hutt.) Jabba: „Mmmm ok. Spasteelya du oonta Boonta.” (Enjoy.) „Ya kun boska bolia!” (Start the newest battle!) Fode/Beed: „Ya pawa culka doe rundee!” (The advantage couplings are triggered.) „An enthusiastic dar ovv!” (And perhaps they are regarding!) Wald: „Chuba!” (n/a) Ben Quadrinaros: „Ees weil wocka!” (n/a) Sebulba: „Watchout(?) slimo! Aahhh. chuba!” (n/a) Ben Quadrinaros: „Poo wasda poo! Ees da wocka.” (n/a) Fode/Beed: „Tuppa myself dunkee, Sebulba!” (n/a) Watto: „Kee dul(?)!” (n/a) Sebulba: „Tam tah cheeka ah.” (n/a) Fode/Beed: „Sebulba! Ka pa me personally cheespa wata! (Here appear Sebulba inside the checklist big date.) Ody Mandrell: „Cooly Cooly(?)! Que passa, los cuales passa, los cuales passa! Soya mama! Oh zero. ” (n/a)”Oh noah! (Oh no!) Sebulba: „Nucha! Na bota!” (n/a) Fode/Beed: „Inkabunga!” (Amazing!) „Punda tah punda.” (They’re neck a neck.) „Nangu nangu!(?)” (n/a) „Bongo du bongo!” (Neck to shoulder!) Sebulba: „Aaaaaahhhhhh. poodoo!” (n/a) Wald: „Eh perform boota!” (n/a) Watto: „Chub chub weil chuba ni! Chuba ni. ” (n/a)

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